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Career Planning Services offers a full range of career planning assistance, including organizational group presentations. The seminars being offered currently include:

Increasing Personal Career Satisfaction


How to Help Your child Choose a Career

Each of these seminars is described below:

Increasing Personal Career Satisfaction:

National surveys suggest that a high percentage of individuals are dissatisfied with their work. Due both to lack of information and for pragmatic reasons, workers may remain in unfulfilling situations. They may make a limited commitment to their careers, resulting in absenteeism, stress, accidents, and lower productivity. While no comprehensive solution exists, employees who understand their career needs as well as the available organizational opportunities are prepared better to achieve career satisfaction.

This seminar is designed to provide an understanding of the career development process and the ways in which career satisfaction may be enhanced. This experience may be useful for heterogeneous employee groups or focused directly on preretirement planning. As an integral part of the seminar, participants will complete a career interest inventory. Discussion topics include:

career decision-making myths
a model of career development
achieving career satisfaction
organizational staff development
accessing career opportunities

This program consists of two three hour sessions and is designed to support organizational staff development. To integrate the specific employment setting, a preseminar conference will be held with management to attain an understanding of local resources. It is recommended that a human resource or management representative participate in the seminar to discuss personnel policy and future staffing needs.

How to Help Your child Choose a Career:

In past generations people chose a career and frequently remained in it for a lifetime. Today, however, it is estimated that during their working years young people will make at least four major career shifts. Career planning now is seen as a lifelong process. It is a skill which must be acquired by those who wish to master changing employment conditions.

Research indicates that parents have the greatest influence on their children's career planning. This seminar explores what parents can do to help their sons and daughters plan effectively for the future. Since decisions affecting career planning often are made during the junior high school years, parents with junior high students, as well as those with high school students, should find this seminar to be useful. Discussion topics include:

career decision-making myths
personal factors in career planning
the labor market of the future
career information resources
postsecondary educational planning

This program is offered in two formats. The basic format is approximately three hours in length and is structured for participation by employees. The second format is designed for joint participation by parents and children. It is split into two three hour sessions and incorporates the completion of a career interest inventory by all participants. Both formats include time for discussion.

Seminar Fees and Scheduling:

Seminar fees are based on the number of participants, the format selected, and the consultant's travel expenses. Presentations may be scheduled throughout the year. To discuss the needs of your organization, please contact Career Planning Services at (207) 885-0700.

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