Career Planning
Career Planning

Career planning is a lifelong process, requiring continuous effort to meet changing employment conditions. To achieve and manage a satisfying career, it is crucial to identify a preferred career direction and to implement effective career enhancing strategies.

To assist clients in clarifying career direction at any life stage, Career Planning Services offers a career counseling experience, consisting of two interviews. This process may be completed through face to face meetings for local clients or by a combination of telephone, e-mail, and written correspondence for distance clients and those for whom these modes would be more convenient.

The first interview, which is approximately two hours, includes a discussion of personal interests, abilities, personality characteristics, and career aspirations. After completing an interest inventory and a values survey, clients participate in a second interview of approximately three hours. During this meeting, the interest inventory and values survey are discussed, potential career alternatives are considered, and a tentative career plan is developed.

Career planning is confidential and by appointment only. To schedule an office or telephone appointment or obtain further information concerning fees and services, contact Career Planning Services at (207) 885-0700.

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